Message from HE Roman Tesfaye Abneh; First Lady of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia -GEW 2016

Dugassa Tessema... | November 23, 2016
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                                                                                              Message from HE Roman Tesfaye Abneh;  
                                                                                 First Lady of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
                                                                                                On the Global Entrepreneurship Week


Preparing this message to the 6th Celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Ethiopia; I was asking myself “what would be comparable to Entrepreneurship in its role of transforming economies?”  Throughout  the  years  many  initiatives  and  interventions  are  tried,  tested  and implemented to alleviate poverty. But I would say; the power of Entrepreneurship to end poverty and pave the way to a prosperous nation is second to none!  It is a fighting spirit and a weapon that lives within us and help us to rise above poverty.  It is a language of innovators who turn intertwined and complex problems into sustainable solutions. By Innovators I am referring here to  each  and  everyone  who  realized  that  behind  every  problem  and  gap  there  are  business opportunities and took a step to seize them.

On this year’s celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week I would like to congratulate all Ethiopian Entrepreneurs; particularly women who  are in this  exciting yet challenging  journey albeit the difficult conditions surrounding them.   If they could achieve so much with so little imagine how much more they could accomplish if we do our work of removing the barriers facing Entrepreneurs!

I am happy to  witness  that  now  is the time  more than  ever the  Government of  the  Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has demonstrated  its  firm belief in the role of Entrepreneurship for nation building and economic transformation. Progressive steps are being taken to translate this  conviction  into  practical  actions  that  will  create  better  operating  environment  for Entrepreneurs. Leveling the regulatory environment, facilitating access to finance, investing in skill development, aggressive promotion and marketing are some of the areas  where serious effort is being exerted by the government together with its local and international partners.  But if we want to rip the real benefits of entrepreneurship and rewrite the economic history of our nation there is a need to do much more in all directions.  We need to address the initial challenges of business startups so that aspiring entrepreneurs are not discouraged and frustrated from the outset. We  should  provide  strong  business  development  service  packages  throughout  the country to increase the chance of success and growth of local businesses. Here; I have very high expectations from the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC).  The center needs to work with  multipliers  that  can  scale  up  and  maximize  its  impact.  The  partnership  started  within Entrepreneurship  Development  Programme  (EDP)  is  a  key  instrument  to  unleash  the entrepreneurial potential of Ethiopians and to encourage more people; particularly women to join the business sector.

In this spirit, it is my firm belief that this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of our  successes  and  a  time  to  renew  our  commitment  to  create  better  conditions  for Entrepreneurs; particularly women.

                                                                                                                    Roman Tesfaye
                                                                                                                        First Lady
                                                                                                 Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


Dugassa Tessema Gerba